Teach in China/中国教师

1. Program Introduction

‘Work in China’ program is one of the international cultural exchange programs sponsored by MeToo Intercultural Exchange. The purpose of this program is to enable participants to experience Chinese culture, share American culture, and eliminate cultural barriers between China and the United States.

The development of this program was strongly supported by the Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau of Shenyang, China. Participants in the ‘Work in China’ program will receive an invitation from a desirable company that meets the program requirements, which is certified by the Chinese government departments. The participants will be formally invited to obtain the Z class work visa (similar to the U.S. H1B visa) and work legally in China. Participants are guaranteed to earn more than the local average salary, receive medical insurance, and long-term residence permit to obtain the same benefits as locals such as: opening back accounts, obtaining a Chinese driver’s license, and enjoying the same holidays and statutory holidays as Chinese citizens. The program duration can vary from 12-48 months. Once the program is over, participants have the option to extend their visa or return to their home country.


2. Salaries and Benefits

Salaries: 2500-3300 US dollars per month (About 40 work hours per week)

Benefits: Free accommodation (standard apartment, clean, sanitary and comfortable); Free medical insurance; Free air tickets; Paid vacation


3. Revenue and Expenditure

The cost of living in China is lower than that of the United States. Receiving an income of $3000 in China is the equivalent to receiving $8000 income in the United States, when comparing the cost of living. Taking into account as well, that housing cost is excluded, which is an average of $500 – $1000 per month in China.


4. Work Positions

Currently, the primary opening is teaching English in a school for students between the ages of 3-18 years old. The work environment is relaxed and orderly, which gives the opportunity to better experience Chinese life and culture. MeToo is going to expand to other talent positions in the future to ensure that all employees who come to China can apply what they have learned. MeToo provides unified training for all individuals who comes to China before they are employed.


5. Program Advantage and Safety

  1. Government program with holding Z work visa, protected by Chinese law
  2. Employers are all approved by China government departments with good credit
  3. Signing job offer and contract
  4. Medical insurance during the whole program
  5. Pre-departure safety training provided
  6. 24 hours’ emergency hotline in China


6. Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above (not limited to majors)
  2. Certificate of non-criminal record should be provided
  3. TEFL Certificate (120 hours required)
  4. Physical and mental health


7. Procedures

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Sign the contract and submit application fee
  3. Submit academic certificate and non-criminal record
  4. Arrange an interview with the employer
  5. Receive an official invitation
  6. Make an appointment with the Chinese embassy for an interview
  7. Purchase plane tickets
  8. Entry to China. the employer will pick up at the airport
  9. Begin training and working


8. Fees

Eligible applicants will not be required to pay any fees, including all administrative, legal and impartial expenses. All paid fees can be reimbursed after arrival in China.

Application fee $200 (Full reimbursement after arrival in China)

Visa Consulate Fee $160 (Full reimbursement after arrival in China)

Airfare $300-600 (full reimbursement after arrival in China)


9. Refund Policy

Participants who do not receive a job interview within two months from the date of submitting all required documents will be refunded the full application fee. If the interview fails or the job is unsatisfactory, the application fee will be refunded in full.


10. Contact Details

Email: info@chinametoo.com

Hotline: +1 332-203-6999